Employee Disloyalty

Whether it is at a personal or commercial level employee disloyalty or dishonesty can have catastrophic results with loss of working hours and additional costs in production and sales of your products and merchandise.

Disloyalty can be measured from intentionally failing to perform tasks, accepting benefits personally that rightfully belong to the employer, to dishonesty and theft. 

Disloyalty can also be measured when an employee secures personal data and company policies of a confidential nature to be shared with a future employer or competitive company.

Suspicions can be raised when an employee develops significant interests in your customers, suppliers, or competitors.

Surveillance will help to show if and to what extent a claimant is exaggerating his / her physical disability. 

Video and photographic evidence provides information to settle claims and close files, and is considered an investment in in company interests.

Suspicions of suspect claims should be reported to Insurance Confidential on their lo-call telephone number 1890 333 333